About Us

I started Hebrew Wear for those who have awaken to their true biblical identity as Israelites and also for the strangers who have grafted theirselves to the covenant. I created this company so that we all can have clothing that sets us apart from the nations. In doing so we are keeping the commands that were giving to us by YAHUAH. 

I go far and beyond to make sure each garment is sewn together with love! All garments are 100% cotton material. We are Torah observant and are very meticulous about the items we choose to sell on this site. We make sure each item is within the laws.  

Hebrew Wear has been owned and operated since 2015, Hebrew Wear offers a wide array of beautifully made garments, accessories, and paintings. 


Our main focus at Hebrew Wear is to provide set apart garments to the awaken children of Yashra'al.